Supplementary Classes

Outside of rehearsals and coachings, students will have the opportunity to select supplementary classes to attend to create their own experience! These supplementary classes will include:

Body Awareness

This course which is strongly influenced by ideas from the Alexander Technique, aims to help students examine their own physical habits and learn some skills to release tension and find an optimal playing position.



Learn how to depend on yourself and build your own empire. Choose your own path and learn how to be successful at whatever you choose to do!


Audition Preparation

Students will learn the steps to preparing well for an audition from practicing repertoire to performing at their best on audition day.


Oboe or Bassoon Reed-Making Class

This class will introduce and expand upon student reed-making experiences.  Students may bring reed blanks and finished reeds for faculty to assess and critique.  The reed-making process is an art and is learned over time by combining different techniques and ideas from teachers and colleagues into your own personal reed style.  This class will share the individual reed-making style of the quINTENS!VE faculty leading the class.

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Music Theory

Stretch your ears and brain while learning what music is really made of while learning tips and tricks that will make you a better musician.


Music History

Dive deeper into the history and context of the side-by-side pieces we are playing together, and learn tools and skills needed to prepare your own program/talking notes for your primary ensemble pieces.