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Below are scholarships that students can also apply for to cover tuition expenses for quINTENS!VE 2019.


Schubert Club Special Music Grants

Application Deadline: April 5, 2019

“Schubert Club offers grants to serious, talented music students in need of financial assistance to further their musical development. Most grants are for $500 and are used for special music education projects such as summer camp, workshops, etc. In addition to music camps and workshops, the Special Music Grants Committee welcomes and encourages other unique and innovative projects which further musical creativity and development. Applicants must be between the ages of 12 and 30 and reside in Minnesota, Iowa, North Dakota, South Dakota or Wisconsin. (The cost of on-going lessons, on-going school tuition, transportation or housing are not supported by Special Music Grants.)”

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Dare to Dream Grant Program

Application Deadline: April 1

“The grant application is open to all 4th-12th grade Minnesota residents who identify as a girl and is inclusive of cisgender, transgender, gender nonconforming, and gender non-binary people. Grant requests may not exceed $500 total. Each applicant must have an adult mentor who will guide her through the application process and, if funded, the registration process for the activity being funded. The mentor cannot be an immediate family member (not the girl’s parent, guardian, brother, sister, aunt, or uncle), the activity provider, or an employee of the activity provider. Applications must be completed by both applicant and mentor, and must be signed by a parent/guardian of the applicant.
Grants are awarded only once to a girl - former grant recipients may not re-apply.
Each applicant must apply on her own - group applications will not be considered.

Activity must be completed by high school graduation.
The grant check for the activity will be written and sent directly to the activity provider as listed on the application. Each grantee and mentor will be required to complete a grant follow-up survey after completion of the activity.”

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UMFA Scholarship Program

Application Deadline: March 15

“UMFA's scholarship fund provides financial assistance for flute students of all ages and levels (including college students and adult students) who are permanent residents of the Upper Midwest (defined as Minnesota, Wisconsin, Iowa, North Dakota, and South Dakota).  

Scholarships may help cover the costs of private lessons, master classes, summer music camps, or flute pedagogy training for students who demonstrate financial need and dedication to their studies. 

To provide further support for students, UMFA maintains partnerships with the MusicLink Foundation and with Hopewell Music Cooperative North. Both organizations provide additional resources, including instruments, programming, and financial assistance, which students can use.”

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