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2018 quINTENSIVE students performing

2018 quINTENSIVE students performing

Chione is thrilled to bring quINTENS!VE, a unique chamber music day camp to Minnesota!  This program will include coachings with members of Chione, technique building classes, independent rehearsals and performances, as well as a side-by-side performance with Chione.  quINTENS!VE is open to all students playing flute, oboe, clarinet, French horn or bassoon who are entering grades 7-12.   

Often described as "music amongst friends", chamber music has been highly regarded as an important social activity for centuries.  Initially intended as music to be played in a large room in private homes, the term "chamber music" describes music composed for small ensembles with one person to a part.  Since the mid-16th century, friends have been gathering to play music together, purely for the pleasure of making music with one another.  Music composed specifically for chamber ensembles often contains conversational elements, and musicians use body language and visual cues to communicate with each other, which led Goethe to describe the string quartet (a specific genre of chamber music) as "four rational people conversing".

quINTENS!VE participants will be challenged to stretch and develop their musical skills.  Students will learn to listen to and respond to each other in a way that is unique to small ensemble performance.  With only one person to a part, students will build confidence as soloists, as well as learn to blend their sound with timbres of other instruments.  Coachings will emphasize productive, collegial rehearsal techniques that form the foundation of successful collaboration.

Camp typically takes place the first week of August.  Please reach out to chionequintet@gmail.com with any questions. 


Supplemental Classes

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Learning a New Instrument!

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Unique Performances

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Bethany Gonella, Baroque Flute

Bethany Gonella, Baroque Flute

Mothrmöv - Harp, Oboe and Mover

Mothrmöv - Harp, Oboe and Mover

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Students and Teachers at quINTENSIVE Chamber Music Camp 2017
Fox Products, Midwest Musical Imports, Groth Music, Maestoso Music Studio, Saint Louis Park, MN